Platform for equity management dedicated to save founders’ time and money and help them invest in growing their startups

About the product

WE.VESTR is a new-age organizational framework that digitizes shareholder management and puts founders and investors in control of their ventures.

Equity management, legals, KPIs, financials, portfolio management, ESOPs and ownership exchange all in one interactive and transparent environment.

Companies and startups use WE.VESTR to automate paperwork and persistent cash flows and funding management, as well as to keep track of monthly contributions for future equity, get a clear picture on shareholders and fundraise much easier.
What can WE.VESTR do?
  • 1

    Plan for future cap table scenarios and transparently keep employees up-to-speed on their equity shares

  • 2
    Give shareholders the transparency and insights they need at all times, and also keeps employees engaged via the ESOP feature

  • 3

    Set up initial shares and record historical rounds without the need of a formal valuation

  • 4

    Track all company loans and convertibles, and seamlessly integrate convertibles into the cap table

  • 5

    Easily import revenue, costs, P&L, and Cash Flow statements with the click of a button

  • 6

    Project future scenarios to prepare for fundraising or cap table shifts

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